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The aquatic trampoline is an excellent tool for complement the aqua gym classes, thank you to the fact that jumping and having support opens an endless number of options for doing exercises, since the most simple and playful until the most complexes.

Keeping the rhythm of the music with jumps inside the water is easy to learn and in a few minutes the user will be able to follow the trainer ‘rhythm. Jumping without impact and complementing the jumps with varied exercises is extremely funny and, at the same time, provides an important muscular workout of gluteus, legs and core.

POOLJUMPING activates our musculature in contraction and extension, activating the whole body without any impact that can cause injuries.

Built in AISI 316L and specially designed for an intensive use thanks to a system of ultra-reinforced individuals tensioners covered by the jumping mat in order to avoid any damage to the user.

The jumping mat is also designed to resist the continuous action of the solar radiation, as well as any kind of pool water.

Exercise and fun for all the ages.

Hexagon: 120x106cm
Height trampoline: 33cm
Handle height: 110/138cm
Packaging: 99x48x10 mm / 13 Kgs


comfort pool   COMFORT POOL is a design protocol based on ergonomics, biomechanics and ease of use. This protocol has been designed by a medical team, sport team and the design department of POOLBIKE.
Taking special attention on that parts of the product that are in contact with the user, like the pedals, the saddle, the structure and the closures, we are following an User Centered Design criteria. We take into account these parts because are the keys to our product success, the user is pedaling barefoot and takes just a swimsuit without protection.
All machines POOLTREKKING and POOLBIKING are perfectly adapted to any user regardless of their physical condition, their body structure and age.

The brand that covers the product range with F.P.R. and the water Fitness activities carried out with these products.
poolbiking xtrem
POOLBIKING version, high intensity and high caloric exercise, suitable for persons used to physical exercise.

pool trekking
The brand that includes the machine, the use of the treadmill in the water and the aquatic activity performed with the machine.
spa gym corner
Aquatic gym concept with a combination of POOLBIKE work out machines.
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